(The New Name of LG)


The mother company of LG was founded in 1974 and after several mergers with well known companies; LG industrial systems went public with its stocks and in 2005 the company name was changed to LS Industrial Systems, Co., Ltd. LS Industrial System lead industrial electronic machinery and system market of Korea with most advanced technology and is developing and applying future technology according to the customers need with endless consideration and innovation to present standard of digital industrial electronic machinery and system.

The company business area includes:

• Power transmission and distribution business.
• Automation and Control business.
• Processed metals business.

ETI Elektroelement


Since the year 1950 till now, ETI has grown into a world’s leading provider of products and services in the field of electrical installations, and into an important manufacturer of technical ceramic products, tools and equipment, and plastic and technical rubber products. The quality of products and services is constantly aimed at achieving customers’ satisfaction and corresponding business excellence. All our products are internationally certified and have been awarded many quality symbols.



Has been established in 1973, Emerge as one of the world’s 5 largest heavy electrical companies by creating a better world with high quality products and a better future with technology. Hyundai has earned a reputation as a reliable business partner in the power industry by manufacturing and supplying the highest quality electric equipment for the customers.

As a leading global enterprise, has taken the initiative in becoming environmentally responsible, developing advanced smart grid products to help create a greener future for everyone. Its Main Activity fields are:

• Power plant.
• Power transmutation & distributions.
• Cements plant, oil & gas .
• Ship apparatus.
• Desalination plant.
• Marine propulsion steam turbine.
• Steel mill.



Relequick was founded back in 2003 with 100% Spanish capital and presented in 2004 for the first time at the Hannover Messe (Germany), that year the production process started in the factory which located in Méntrida, Toledo.

Relequick is a modern Spanish company dedicated to produce and commercialize high-quality industrial electric and electronic components, mainly electromechanical and solid-state relays, connection sockets and industrial control and automation modules. Relequick’s vision is based on technological innovation. By exploring new techniques and strategies. In addition all relequick products comply with the low-tension EN 60 947 (IEC 947) norms.

In 2006 relequick achieved the ISO 9001:2000 certification and the UL Underwriters Laboratories homologation. relequick integrated quality system has been awarded the CE seal and obtained the ISO 9001 certification and planning to achieve the ISO 14001 as well.

MICROIDEA Control Equipment


Has been established in 1975, the company’s mission has always been to put oneself as right interlocutor for its customers offering the experience to face and solve any problem from the project to the manufacturing of the finished product.

Through its subsidiaries the company also provides the following services:

• Mechanics carpentry.
• PCB Double-face – Multi-layer.
• Moulding plastic.
• Graphic overlays.

PARTO KHAZEN CO. Energy Improvement


Parto Khazen Co. (PKC) Private Joint Stock Company was founded in Year 1996. The factory was built up in an area of 10,000 m² located near to Tehran. PKC has normally grown up and is currently providing a broad range of products and services including variant models of PFC, Motor Run and Lighting Capacitors, Manufactured according to IEC standards and based one the latest technology concepts and developments. PKC has obtained the type test of “VDE” German certificate which proves of the high quality of the PFC Capacitors. Also, has succeeded in obtaining the ISO 9001-2000 from TÜV Germany for the Quality assurance and management.

METREL Test & Measurement Tools


Established in 1957 – more than 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of measuring instruments and test equipment. For its test equipment METREL has obtained many international approvals like KEMA, VDE, IMQ and other. The commitment to quality is ensured by a continuous and extensive research and development of new accurate, reliable and safe to use products.

RDC Electric & Electronic Products Manufacturer


Rahshad Co. (RDC) was established in 1988. The factory was built up in an area of 11,000 m² near to Arak which is one of the most famous Industrial cities of Iran. RDC was registered and started its activities as the manufacturer of Motor Run & Lighting Capacitors. During the few past years RDC has been widely expanded and showed good progress and today is considered as one of the main manufacturers & suppliers of Electric and Electronic products (Capacitors, Ignitors, Accessories and etc…). It could also increase the number of its products and nowadays RDC products basket includes also other items like Motor Start Capacitors, Ignitors and most of the related accessories.

KOINO Controllers


Established in 1969, Koino is a leading professional manufacturer of industrial control equipment with more than 30 years of experience in industry.

TRS Switches

REVALCO Measuring Instruments